Were back!

Welcome to the new site
A quick story of what happened. Basically the sites host asmallorange was bought/hacked? by a foreign(russian maybe) group and they held many of their sites ransom including Indie-Resource. After several months of fighting I finally regained control of the site as well as haggled my backups back and then snatch my money back before they got it however asmallorange or whomever did this decided to sell the nameservers and pointers to the highest bidder causing even more issues. After working with several experts were we able to get everything back. The old forums were outdated and tons of security issues so I spent countless hours converting the database to work with the new forums. I did change them up but with the old comes the new. I am working on the new site and new content for tutorials. Hang in there. The old forums are back so make sure to visit and you can hang out with us on discord. In the words of tool
"So good to see you
I've missed you so much
So glad it's over
I've missed you so much"