Creating a new Zone Tutorial

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Creating a new Zone Tutorial

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Enabling Developer Mode
Once in the game client, hit Ctrl-Tilde and type: $pref::developer = 1; <then hit enter> *Note: You only have to do this once, the preference will be saved. Ctrl-F10 opens the GUI Editor and Ctrl-F11 opens the realtime Zone Editor.

How to Create a New Zone

1. Run the Torque MMO Kit IDE

2. Select World -> New Zone. The New Zone Wizard dialog window will open and you'll be prompted for the following information:


Database Identifier: This is a shorter version of the zone's full name and is used in teleport commands.
Descriptive Name: This is the full name of your zone.
Zone Climate: This determines the weather behavior of your zone.
Click on the 'Finish' button when you're done and all necessary .py files will be created.

3. Next we'll add the new zone to the database. Select World -> Compile World.

4. To edit your newly created zone select World -> Edit Zone. A dialog window will open with a list of all available zones in your current project. Select your zone and click the 'Ok' button.


5. You'll be taken directly to the world login interface. Create a test character and enter the world. You should enter the world with zone edit mode enabled.


6. To exit the world, hit <enter>, type /camp and hit <enter> again. A dialog will open asking you to confirm that you want to exit, click on 'Yes'. You'll be brought back to the main menu, click on 'Quit' to leave the game.
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