HumbleBundle Big Music Bundle for Games, films etc

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HumbleBundle Big Music Bundle for Games, films etc

Post by MikuzA »

Hello guys,

haven't been at this forum for awhile, but recently I bought some icon-pack from humblebundle and now they have nice music pack available. ... s-software

I bet most of you area already subscribers of this and were aware but I would most recommend this.

And all the Audio-guys over there, keep up the good work. This bundle is not to throw you guys in the shadow, the opposite.
This is to give the indie developers chance to realize the opportunity to introduce quality music into their games in dev, big or small.

The audio is important!!!

Hope you all are well, looking at the situation in the world!

All the Best,
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Re: HumbleBundle Big Music Bundle for Games, films etc

Post by hallsofvallhalla »

Thanks for sharing. Yup I buy all the packs like this.
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