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C. Indie
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Post by C. Indie »

I found this forum by searching for IndieGames and -Developers. It looks interesting and active, so I decided to register.

I am interested in browsergames, especially coding, and actually coding one with PHP and MySQL and HTML and CSS and Javascript. I hope it will be ready for first open tests before end of this year. Still the graphics are not what they could be if they were done by someone who has the abilities, but that is ok for me for now.

As a kind of blog I am posting into my forum that is especially installed for this purpose. The forum was setup for browsergamecoders but I think this topic is since about 2012/2013 not any longer of much interest; don't know what caused the change. Despite this dropped interest I still love that "job" and will go on coding browsergames.
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Re: Hello@all!

Post by Jackolantern »

Welcome! Yep, we are definitely a browser game-oriented site, particularly PBBGs. We do of course welcome all game developers but because of the forum owner, Hallsofvallhalla, creating some YouTube video series on making a PBBG, we have been focused mostly on that area since the start.

So you have already started on your game? Definitely consider starting a thread in Project Showoff II section to talk about your game, show screenshots or anything else you want to (the "II" means that work has been done on the game already; the "I" forum section is more for ideas). We are always interested in hearing about and seeing what our members are working on.

Also, don't worry about the quality of graphics. They are probably the easiest part of a game to swap out later if you decide you really don't like them. But web games, like other games, are most definitely not made by their graphics. I say don't rush the gameplay and let the graphics take a lower priority.

Again, welcome to the forums 8-)
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Re: Hello@all!

Post by hallsofvallhalla »

Amen Jack. Web games should not be built upon graphics. Focus on gameplay.

We are definitely all about web games here but also talk a lot about Unity and other 3d games and development. I would say everything is on the table here as long as it is development related. Welcome and glad to have you.
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Re: Hello@all!

Post by SpiritWebb »

Awesome...glad to have you!! If you ever get stuck, one of us of many will be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction!

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Re: Hello@all!

Post by KaL »

Welcome! We all glad you joined the community. if you need any kind of help I'm glad to assist. Btw, I'm giving away free KWM PBBG Engine license key for free. Only 91 keys left. Maybe this engine can get you started with your game.

Check out the KWM forum for the link.

Luck and have fun developing!
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