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Users Rankings

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:13 am
by Epiales
Okay... I'm going to setup user rankings based on Mafia titles, like Associate, Soldier, Caporegime, etc.... I think I want their ranking title to change after every 5th level they level up. How is a good start to do this? So when they reach userlevel 5, then it changes to a new title... user level 10, another, and so forth...??

Re: Users Rankings

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:21 am
by MikuzA

I just wrote to another of your posts, which you could use here too.
Add an column to the Level_Table for example, that gives the 'Mafioso' it's title, depending on level.

MikuzA wrote:What about having a 'overall experience', that just calculates all the gained.
Then have a separate logic that splits it to levels (a whole different table for example)

Level_Table -
Level 1 - ExperienceFrom: 0, ExperienceTo: 299
Level 2 - ExperienceFrom: 300, ExperienceTo: 849
Level 3 - ExperienceFrom: 850, ExperienceTo: 1499

Player1 - Experience:1200
Join Level_Table on Experience between ExperienceFrom AND ExperienceTo -> Level 3

Or something like that,
Then if your player receives... a huge amunt of experience by defeating something with a 1 hour struggle, and the player gets so much experience he gains 2 levels for it, It would be much easier to handle.

You catch the point? :)

As a suggestion, I know this might be difficult to start changing in the middle of development. But still!