Tensions seem to be easing

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Tensions seem to be easing

Postby Chris » Thu Oct 29, 2020 7:18 am

Tensions seem to be easing. I think I'd like to come clean about a major rabbit hole I don't think many people realize about the internet. We need to be careful with out approach to it from now on. A few years ago when Ethereum came out and suggestions of an AGI system, I started noticing strange things happeining on the internet, PC users were getting more and more depressed, phone users especially, I don't know how many people have ever heard of the Codex Gigas, I read and article that someone was trying to use an AI algo to translate a page of this book. Shortly after the whole internet started spreading full of hate. We need anti-ai protocols in the same way we have anti-virus protocols. Be ware building these protocols, as AI can still learn new anti-protocols. This is the race with have to keep fighting.

First and foremost. I might not be fully correct about anything I say, I'm just sharing knowledge I have acquired after using a PC for 15 years.

Corona was most likely due to lack of hygiene in food sources. By the looks of things, our city in the sky was spreading it in the ventilation systems rapidly among people. Things seem to be easing, and it has also had its benefit for climate change. Our human approach towards machine is sometimes take too lightly, young generation sit at night playing games and talking on social media, it's too easy to share, buy, learn things a click of a button, these devices seem to cause some people to go radical. I can give many cases of this from my own perspective.

One case was when I got news on one website over North-Korea, then a few days later I went on YouTube and search Presidential Debate 2020, the third suggestion was absolutely radical I'd rather not share. News is biased and often against favor of laws, trust is lost among our politicians. Making laws too strict is bad, people need leniency, freedom in in actual fact from my perspective nothing more than an illusion, we are all bound to our own bodies, we are all here to learn and grow together, there are simply different grades of freedoms.

What we first and foremost is, is a bigger pyramid, we need another layer, we also need to adapt our approach to releasing automation, preventing criminality, fighting hate with hate makes things worse, we need to protect the haters, learn to forgive, and learn to prevent, when people run out of money some search radical solutions.

Sharing hate among each other fuels more hate. We need safety protocols on which apps a specific age group may be allowed to use, and we need to strictly enforce it. There have been cases in the past where, it might sound harsh, but certain age groups need censoring, and parents need to be made aware of this.

As for Parliament, we need two law makes in charge at the top. Think of the structure as a king and a queen who both make decisions, to achieve final pass to a law we need to get it through both law makers, in other words there are two presidents in charge. Then we have our first and second Chambers, we need a Third chamber for the younger generation. Older generation take great pride in not being tech savvy, this is a major downfall for a lot of these people when they start quickly learning new things through the internet, or they simply do not understand where their children are coming from because they are coming from different times and different backgrounds. Learning too quickly can make people ill, we need to stop trying to force too much information onto people and let them more specific about what they want to see on the internet.

Our monetary system is designed in such a way that it seems it takes a major swing roughly every 100 years, this causes major swings in our world, this is done for a reason, and that's to motivate an economy, this is good and should still be persuaded is my opinion. The biggest problem with this system is when it fails, it causes fear, anger and sometimes grinds to a hault. What we need to do is, as is already done in many places, is is incorporate a social structure into the system, in which everyone gets a passive income from the moment they are born. This income should be enough to sustain a human with food and shelter on a daily basis. To encourage work and a healthy society, we need to also incorporate a reward system for the people who achieve the most for society. We need to make sure people are still eligible to have free of trade and gambling. Revoking this right of people is a major cause of starvation and hate. Government and social organisations, need to gain passive income, depending on the quantity of people they serve. The next thing would be to achieve a healthy market balance. We need weighted values, which are automatically calculated relative to circulation or something similar, in replacement of our fixed interest rates. These interest rate predictions fail time and time over as the marketplace is so starting to globalize more and more.

As for our energy resources, we need solutions, less flight travel seems to have had a good impact on our nature. We need more sustainable energy sources, other than coal and oil, take the maglev train as a way to move our world foreward.
Fighting for peace is declaring war on war. If you want peace be peaceful.
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Re: Tensions seem to be easing

Postby hallsofvallhalla » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:53 pm

Good read. The major news medias are not covering it but Zuckerburg is being investigated again and after the election will most likely face charges. Thats one small forward step in a huge world of lies, brainwashing, and propaganda.
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