PHP Game Tutorial (2021)

Have a project in the works but not much media? How about an idea you are turning into a project? Maybe a game design document you want to start with. This is the place.

Re: PHP Game Tutorial (2021)

Postby Sharlenwar » Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:20 pm

Haha, thanks halls! I've also fallen into working with GameMaker Studio 2. Feels great to work with it's IDE and I had a game up and running in moments with it. Sure it focuses on 2D, but I'm not really looking for 3D anyways. 2D is the esthetic I'm looking for. Not sure about isometric.

Just feels good to be back into doing something as a hobby and to keep this brain going. Just want to make something that works and have fun along the way. There is a game I want to try and replicate in GMS2 since the developer has abandoned it.

But yeah, I'll post up here as I chug along.
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