Cubicverse MMORPG Currency Exchange System

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Cubicverse MMORPG Currency Exchange System

Postby tobeyrowe » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:44 pm

Hi, I am the owner of the MMORPG known as Cubicverse. I am posting here about the opening up of the Cubicverse currency exchange.

the Cubicverse currency exchange will be done manually starting out but will eventually be automated with the ability to buy/sell Cubicverse's in-game currency known as Soul Energy to other players through an in-game currency exchange. As of right now I am only selling Soul Energy and not buying back due to the fact that the currency can be earned in-game without needing to pay for it and that would mean the game could potentially lose money that way. But players are free to resell their Soul Energy for USD or Bitcoin to other players as long as they trust each other for now until I can get an automated exchange setup. But I would not recommend players selling to other just yet due to trust issues.

Also we have a forum setup which you can view by going to the website and clicking on forum which you will then be redirected to the forum and from there you can post about Soul Energy you have for sale or other in-game items you may have gotten and would like to sell. Also if you are selling in-game items there is already a marketplace setup in-game that you click on to buy/sell your in-game items for Soul Energy. You can visit Cubicverse at and if you would like to exchange USD or Bitcoin for Soul Energy then please contact me either by PM on here or by going in to Cubicverse and searching for the player tobeyrowe and PM me through there.

The exchange rates will be at a fixed rate until I can get the in-game exchange setup which then the players will establish the exchange rates by posting buy and sell orders of Soul Energy. The exchange rate will be $0.005 USD per Soul Energy and the recommended minimum exchange amount is $10 USD for 2,000 Soul Energy payments can be made in USD through Paypal or Bitcoin. The funds generated through the sale of Soul Energy will be used to further develop the game and pay for advertising and server hosting costs. I currently have a developer who is going to do major improvements to Cubicverse including better graphics, better UI, in-game currency exchange, and so much more which will end up costing about $6,000 and could take up to six months to complete. So I need to be able to raise the money to pay the developer. I do not expect to be able to raise the whole $6,000 anytime soon but I hope to raise some of it and then make up the difference with some money that I have and also an investment from a family member.

If you are interested then please either contact me on here or in-game like previously mentioned if you would like to buy Soul Energy or even just donate to Cubicverse. Also please note that there is a system to donate $20 USD a year to the game as a subscription to receive in-game perk but it was brought to my attention by another developer that is helping me that the donation part works as far as me receiving the money but the perks that are given to the player automatically for donating may not be working and as of right now there is not a way for me to give you the perks manually so if you decide to donate by using the donation system in-game then please do not get mad or upset with me or the game if it doesn't give you the perks you donated for. But I will try my best to make it up to you by giving you Soul Energy or in-game items if it doesn't work if you contact me to let me know that it didn't work for you.

So please come check us out and also comment below about your experience on the game. Currently we are in mostly testing mode so some of the features do not work so please do not post bad comments about things not working properly. Thank you and I hope to see you all on soon.
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Re: Cubicverse MMORPG Currency Exchange System

Postby hallsofvallhalla » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:20 pm

Very interesting..thanks for the update, glad to see you making progress!
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