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Postby Jackolantern » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:59 pm

hallsofvallhalla wrote:Jsut the idea of having to play the first parts of the MUD in a school sounds awesome. Make quests in the school itself to make it entertaining. It would make the world outside the school that much more special as you would work to get there. Especially if the monsters out there could easily kill you without your training.

Like you mentioned, it would also allow you to build-up some of the lore of the world and create more interest in the game after graduation. For example, all the NPC students could be whispering about such-and-such scary monster that is invincible and will steal your soul. That would make the player adventuring out into that area more intense since they have all of these rumors floating around in their heads (of course, like most real mythology, it will turn out to not be as powerful as its rumors but it could still be a tough boss).
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