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Looking some customer / beta testers

PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:45 pm
by a_bertrand

We are currently discussing and preparing a prototype of an engine you can install on your VPS and edit / run your game there. It will have nearly all features as you already have on our website beside a few exceptions:
- You will not be able to let other create their games (one installation = one game)
- No HTML5 or APK export

The installation will require node.js but we could automatize the installation or mostly. We could support Windows and Linux hosting.

Once installed you will have access to all the source code (in Typescript) with the compiler installed and a simple command line to transform the Typescript into the Javascript.

We are thinking of a price of 150$ for this package.

For this step we would need a few beta testers, and therefore we will offer the package at 100$ for them. Please answer to this thread for whoever is interested or have questions.

Re: Looking some customer / beta testers

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:15 pm
by hallsofvallhalla
I am definitely interested. I just dropped $3000 on a new 4k camera so give me a week or two and I will purchase it for testing. I have lots of Nodejs experience so should help with testing.

Re: Looking some customer / beta testers

PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:58 am
by a_bertrand
If you want to see how the installation look like:

Of course the download link is not valid, and... I made a mistake (didn't made a "cd dwm" at start) but doesn't change much.

This part of the project is mostly done, with easy installation procedure, upgrade mechanism, and command line tools to compile your code.

I still need to integrate the purchase of the self hosted engine, and make scripts for windows. (currently only linux is implemented).