Need a couple of beta testers

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Need a couple of beta testers

Postby a_bertrand » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:28 pm

Hi guys,

The standalone of the RPG Maker is mostly finished, and allows the production of static HTML pages you can host anywhere (without any needs on the server) or a standalone EXE you can re-distribute (not small however).

Now as any software I would expect more than a couple of bugs and it would be good if some of you could help me test it. I would prefer that you ask to participate if you really want to test and is willing to spend some time with it not just download to see how that look like (this will come later don't worry).

Currently what is NOT working is the download / upload to our servers but that should come soon enough.

So if you are interested please drop a line here or as PM and I shall give you a download link. The software works under Linux 64bits (ubuntu) or Windows 64bits.
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