First 100th Register will get KWM PBBG Engne license key!!!

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First 100th Register will get KWM PBBG Engne license key!!!

Postby KaL » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:31 am

Hello Everyone!

I’m releasing out my first PBBG Engine!!!

Yes! I will give out the first 100 license key to the first 100th registered.
Keep in mind that this PBBG ENGINE is a barebone version.

The purpose of this release is to get more developer to create more modules for the engine and to bring back the PBBG’s Community. Here are the compareable:

1) MCCODE: unstructure, less restricted on the security but the flexibility on scripting is easy.

2) New World Engine(NWE): very well structure, high security but not flexible on scripting. More people was confused if they don’t know the core language.

3) KaL’s World Maker PBBG (KWM PBBG): structure, semi-secure and very flexible on the scripting. It’s has the core structure of NWE and the flexibility of MCCODE. Downside of KWM PBBG is the $_GET request is very restricted but you still have $_POST for more of a secure request.

Well here is the link for MARKET:

Go and get your free copy before it’s all gone!!!

For the future of PBBG
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