Dot World Maker, June updates

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Dot World Maker, June updates

Postby a_bertrand » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:11 am

What did change since last update? Well quite some again:
  • Restored APK export feature.
  • Added table and column enumeration functions.
  • Let you hide the chat if wanted.
  • Implemented graphics library allowing to draw over the map via the scripting language.
  • Initial DB Storage Explorer.
  • Implemented drop down in dialogs.
  • Added a search within the whole game definition.
  • Added functions to show or hide the minimap on the game screen.
  • Fixed potential bug with variables inside the scripting language.
  • Onchange callback for dropdown has been added.
  • New img tag in the display functions has been added.
  • F1 Shortcut added for engine help.
  • Shortcut keys are now displayed in the menubar.
  • Chat bot can interact with people inside the chat.
  • Chat now shows who is in the channel with you.
  • Chat Bot Editor has been added.
  • Message attachments are now supported. You can now send / receive items via the in-game email system.
  • New Chat and Message API functions added.
  • Script language runtime changed.
  • Added image drawing to graphics.
  • Implemented canvas functions within dialogs.
  • Implements plug-ins attachments (art, NPC and more).
  • Allows to block the editing of the extensions to others.
  • Allows to hide extension code to others.
  • Allows to enable / disable extensions.
  • Rename "Generic Code" to "Extension".
  • Fixed wrong tileset definition which allowed monsters to be placed in the middle of the water.
  • Map editor object snapping has been added.
  • Map editor new tool-bar has been created to improve the interface.
  • New chat API call SplitLine allows to parse the entered line.
  • Chat command scripts now receive the player entered line as argument.
  • Chat bots can answer a special line if the answer starts with a /.
  • Chat bots can react to commands (/something).
  • Chat bots can be invisible if their name starts with ~
  • New Array API calls available.
  • Arrays are now supported by the scripting language.
  • Chat bots can now answer information seen only by the player asking them.
  • Fixed bug in the chat bot editor not updating the sentence list while changing the trigger.
  • Fixed bug with extension export if no image was included.
  • Fixed bug with object code calling.
  • Fixed minimap drawing issues in the map editor.
  • API to check user role added.
  • Chat commands to ban and mute implemented. Can be added to a chat bot.
  • Fixed bug with in game registration not showing the error messages.
  • Fixed bug with players being chat banned after reloading.
  • Allows async calls inside chat bots (for example to reach the storage).
  • Fixes chat banned bug.
  • Fixed include of specially serialized objects into the extensions.
  • Fixed chat bot save & restore
  • Rename or delete map objects updates zones.
  • Rename or delete particle system updates map objects.
  • Fix open NPC editor if no NPC editor is present.
  • Rename or delete inventory slot updates objects.
  • Rename or delete sounds updates zones.
  • Rename or delete house part updates houses.
  • Rename or delete character updates monsters and game default settings.
  • Rename or delete monster updates zones.
  • Rename or delete tile type in the tile editor will now reflect changes on the zones and don't break zones anymore.
  • Multiple threads loading has been implemented, allowing for much faster loading of zones and game startup.
  • HTML5 export enabled from within the online maker.
  • Split maker and runtime code. While playing the player will download only the runtime.
  • Fixed bad preview item inside the map editor.
  • Map editor house placement preview.
  • Map editor object placement preview.
  • Map editor snap objects has been improved.
  • Rename of map objects, NPC and monsters will not break the maps anymore as the engine will reflect the changes on the saved maps.
  • Improved some script parsing, now shows a more useful message in case the script is not complete.
  • Node Code editing now shows node help while hovering nodes or over the selector.
  • Scripts can be developed via the new node editor.
  • New API to control the height/width and placement of the dialog.
  • Map objects can now be animated with any number of animation steps and at any speed.
  • Map editor can now spray objects on the map.

As you see the engine continues to receive loads of updates / improvements. Of course if you need something just let me know and we shall see how to bring it live.
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Re: Dot World Maker, June updates

Postby hallsofvallhalla » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:15 pm

Amazing I am loving it!
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Re: Dot World Maker, June updates

Postby a_bertrand » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:13 pm

Thanks ;)
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