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This tutorial will be developed at the same time as my SIMPLY_BROWER_MMORPG_TUTORIAL (SBMT), and will share a lot of the same elements. The difference will be that this game will be a more advanced opened world style game, not the casual click a quest style of the other one.

Who is it for? Any one from new to browsers game development to more experienced developers.

We will be using and learning basic to more advanced PHP, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin, Jquery, and jquery ui + validate plug in, Ajax, Fireworks, Gimp, and CSS in this tutorial. We will all so discuses Basic game structure, balancing the game, and the Game Design Document (GDD).

This tutorial can be done with $0 development cost, as most programmes are free or open sauces.

Game Name: Legend Quest: Solus Rising.
Game Type: opened MMORPG browser game.
Game features:
Races, Archetype, Classes, Trade skills, gather skills, Quest system, factions, inventory, and trade/ commerce, friends list, surnames, character chat, changing world, player houses, Guild halls, player owned merchants, mail system( with item transfers), achievements, religion.and more.

Anyone is welcome to help with the tutorials/game. We can use all the help we can get. you do programming, graphics, lore, quest, game balancing, or any skills we would love your in put.

I hope to have the first video out soon

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Postby Kevin1230 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:00 pm

Any updates on when your gonna release part 1? Really can't wait!
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