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Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 8:04 am
by Xaos
And it's not so much even you have to build it fast. It can take you 3 years to write all of the code, get the graphics, etc. but what really is important is the deployment phase. If you're going for investors, I say get it to 'Alpha' stage, where you could, theoretically, go live, get the investor (you will have a much more solid base with an actual product that way as well) and then that can help you deploy, get members, spread the word, etc. For you apparently, since the idea is amazing, it will be the marketing, of which an investor can do the most good with $. Another benefit of getting it to that alpha stage is that if the investor tries to screw you over, you will have such a substantial jump on him/her you could get atleast a solid member base before they even get to where you were at the time. So unless you really want to build fast or market while you're building, you don't necessarily have to rush that part.

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 8:51 am
by Sharlenwar
Don't forget luck. You will need a good sprinkle of luck all over the place to help you find the right person, time, to deploy what you are doing.

See, I have an idea to create a sort of community site for hobbyist game devs. Will it ever fly? Well, who knows, I know I'll build it and use it myself at least.

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:39 am
by vitinho444
hallsofvallhalla wrote:Thanks for all the advice. All good. Yeah I think I am stuck building it fast and deploying it fast and getting to the point of Facebook where you don't have to worry about clones because you are already so big there is no point.

Will take an investor to get me big enough at a fast rate though.

Well you could try crowdfunding, but your idea would need to be exposed and it could ruin the process...
When i said "fast" i meant if the idea was already out, since it's not, you can build it at your normal dev rate, because there's nobody building the same thing... (i guess).

Good Luck Halls ;)

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 12:01 pm
by hallsofvallhalla
I have an idea to create a sort of community site for hobbyist game devs

yeah so did I :P

Well you could try crowdfunding

it would be stolen in a heartbeat.

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 12:45 pm
by vitinho444
Well you could try crowdfunding

it would be stolen in a heartbeat.[/quote]

Yeah so I thought :/

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PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 3:04 pm
by Jackolantern
vitinho444 wrote:
Xaos wrote:Yoy can't copyright the software basically. Ie you could make a 100% facebook clone, different designs and names and its fine. So keep it under wraps until you can publish the product, imo. I have talked to an attorney about this kinda thing and thats what he told me. Throw a copyright and date on your site and run with it

But can you patent / copyright the "idea" ? Like imagine MEGA, it has amazing speeds for a download imo, so it must have some kind of crazy algorithm that makes that possible.. or even the file encryption, can you copyright THAT? So no one, not even facebook can copy that algorithm or "method" and use as their own.

Nope, you can't patent or copyright an idea. However, you can patent algorithms. But most public users of an app will never even see your algorithm, and will just reverse engineer it. Algorithm patenting is completely separate from trying to protect an idea, which really can't be done. Algorithm patenting is more for devs who find a very efficient and effective way to do something complicated, patent their method, and then shop licenses to the algorithm around. For example, there are tons of patented algorithms for figuring out how a name was misspelled when it was entered into a database. They aren't protecting an idea. They are creating a licensed product.

As for the topic at hand, Callen pretty much beat me to what I was going to say: You have to just be first, try to get big enough to be on the radar, and if the big guys want to do it, hope they buy you out instead of competing with you.

There is brand/app loyalty in the world of the Web. Just look at how Google+ is pretty much pound-for-pound better than Facebook in every way (Circles alone would be revolutionary on FB). But FB still is the social network juggernaut while Google has had to resort to some pretty angering tactics to get anyone on G+, such as their ridiculous YouTube changes to push G+.

Why? Because FB was first, people invested in it, and people don't want to change. If you can be the service that people don't want to change from, then competitor's only option is to buy you out. And this is a great time period to have your tech company bought out, as the prices have become obscene that the large players have been willing to pay for hot tech startups. WhatsApp sold for $19 BILLION dollars! BILLION! That is insane and sets a crazy precedent for what hot tech companies may be worth!

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 4:54 pm
by vitinho444
Yeah jacko you're right, i still don't know how it's possible to people use whatsapp... that thing is like.. normal.. (imo), i never used it, so does it have any UNIQUE feature that any other messenger like "facebook messenger".

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:52 pm
by Losdivinos
That is interesting and I am sitting on such an idea myself at the moment, which I will start developing rapidly on, when I finish exams (ah... to many good ideas to fulfill)

So here are my thoughts on it. Some of it will probably be common knowledge, but take a moment and read.

You don't want to advertise like many people would normally do.
At the core bottom, the average human is in need of social interaction. With the way that our social life is developing at the moment, the whole meaning of social media is trend. It can be the good idea, that drives your project to success and of course you are gonna need something good and unique in order to really blow through, but that is not just what it is about. The trend is the real power of this thing. People want to be where their friends are, not on some random site they saw in a commercial or a Google AdWords advertisement. People want to be "normal". Nothing today is as toxic as stepping out of the circle. People use these social medias to produce their virtual persona, just how they want to. This social media profile is actually also becoming their outgoing face, so these people adapt to the trends of course. Maybe go to a few parties and add some pictures from the party to their profile, add a profile picture with some glow editing etc and boom, you have the normal teenage girl persona.

This is exactly why you don't want to go with any regular promotion technique. Your main goal is to create the "ripple" effect, where the trend starts somewhere and grows really cool and then spreads on by word, because "this is where my friends are, I gotta follow troop". And no, you do not want to create this ripple effect in your local city. A trend always starts somewhere and there are the ones who jump on the trends quickly, who have popularity/reputation. This is where you wanna drop the stone into the water. If the most popular girls in a school starts using this new cool social media trend thing, then others will follow troop for sure.

Keep in mind, that the look/coolness/trend of your social media is even more important than what it actually is. I am not saying, that you can replicate Facebook, but I am just saying, that even with an idea that is not that unique after all, it can still end up becoming a major success if done right. Make it look appealing, clean, modern and it should be as native as possible (accessible on the run in these stressful times).

I could write on about this for long, but I am quite busy so I will just finish off.

My suggestion to get yourself a very nice budget and get ready to invest your money in trendsetters/idols instead of advertisements and other regular things.
Imagine if Justin Bieber started using your new cool social media. I guess you can see the ripple effect of that. Maybe that would be to aim too high, but as an example, Justin Bieber makes a very good point.

Anyways, I would like to hear more about your project as well as discussing further in this topic. Exciting!

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:00 pm
by Xaos
Oh, just thought of this while browsing the web for you, Halls. If you wanted or felt the need to pitch to investors, you could file a Non-Disclosure Agreement. That way, the investor couldn't steal the idea, and if they did, you'll have a legal defense that you'll easily win. Same with recruiting other people to help you, and the like.

Re: Idea worth a million

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:13 am
by hallsofvallhalla
Thanks for all the info. Yeah we got a NDA we are working on now. I meet with an investor Monday and possibly another a few days after that. I have kind of done something first. Nothing else out there like it so as soon as I just breathe just a word of it people want to hear more. Got to be extra careful with it.