Listing of browser-based PBBG MMO engines

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Listing of browser-based PBBG MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Mon May 21, 2012 12:07 am

This thread will act as a list of open source or commercial PBBG engines (within the price range of indie developers). If you are not familiar with the term, "PBBG engine" means a "browser-based MMORPG engine". If you know of any or find any that are not on this list, please let me know!

Also to people who found this list through search engines, if you are interested in creating a PBBG this forum could be a great community for you! We have helped dozens of developers launch browser games and we are one of the few forums out there largely focused on creating PBBGs (although we do have members making all kinds of games). Consider registering and introducing yourself to see what kind of help we can offer and to become part of the community!

EDIT 7/8/2018: Added OpenDominion to the list which was found by dnenb.

EDIT 3/4/2017: This round of updates is mostly complete. Some more may be added in the next few days but I think the bulk of it is there. For my full notes on this update, see my post on this page.

EDIT 2/23/2017: So begins another round of updates! I am aiming at having it completely updated by 2/26/2017, but I am facing a busy weekend. I am going to first start with updating the status of all of the engines and codebases that are on here already and will likely be removing any that had no activity the last time I checked since that was nearly 2.5 years ago at this point. Exciting times and I am hopeful to see what has come out since the last update!

EDIT 10/22/2014: I figured it would probably be a while before another update, but I think Ironbane is worthy of a out-of-cycle update. Find it below in the list.

EDIT 8/11/2014: I am done with my biggest update to this list since it was created. I added 20 new engines to the list (those that are listed here as New!), got updates on every engine on the list, removed a handful that had completely disappeared, and also ordered them based on development activity, community, documentation, and just generally how promising they seem. I found probably 30 more engines that I just didn't find any reason to add, since they would have been added to the very bottom of the list (basically, they were already ghosts haunting the Internet when I found them). Next update I will probably begin removing the same number from the bottom that I find worthwhile to add, since this list is getting very long.

EDIT 8/10/2014: Time to undertake the editing of this bad boy. I am sure more new engines are out there, and some of these have probably slid off into the abyss. I have also edited the list to put those with an active community and support closer to the top. Many of the engines' source code was still available, but they appeared to not be supported anymore, so I wanted to make it easier for people to weed through those.

Open Source:

*Dot World Maker Open Source: The same engine that appears below in the commercial section is now open source! So if you want to develop and host your game on your own servers, you can download the source and get started using this repo. Or, if you want to have the editors and game hosted on the DWM cloud service, you can continue to use the original DWM here (see the entry in the Commercial section below for details about the cloud service). Made by our very own Moderator a_bertrand! New!

*Pomelo: A fairly powerful Node.js MMORPG engine with fully animated HTML5 browser game client. This has a massive amount of effort put into it and it has a fairly large community around it. The only problem is most of them are Chinese, and most of the forum discussion is in Chinese. But there is a ton of promise in the engine. The main link goes to their webpage. Here is the link to their Github repo with all of the code.
2/21/17: Pomelo is still going strong. The website has been enhanced nicely. The downside is that most everything surrounding the engine is still in Chinese.

*Isogenic Engine: A real-time isometric HTML5 MMORPG engine. Probably one of the most advanced HTML5 MMORPG engines to date.
8/10/14: Still available, and it has been under heavy development to increase its functionality. Still probably the most advanced hobbyist-priced HTML5 MMORPG engine available. You should be quite familiar with Javascript and Node.js.
3/4/17: Isogenic Engine (or IGE) is now completely free and open source! It is an incredible engine for any kind of real-time MMO or multiplayer game played in HTML5. It still has quite a learning curve but there is really nothing else of its ilk.

*Rogalia: Now this is interesting! Rogalia is an extremely impressive-looking browser MMORPG. It has real-time gameplay and at least the demo game you can see in action here appears to be a very Ultima Online-looking, isometric MMORPG. The website is all in Russian, but code is code and it should be workable. It is under heavy development. This is likely more than worth a dev's time to check out if they want to build a UO-style MMORPG in the browser! New!

*RockMUD: A Node.js MUD server with an HTML5/web socket browser client. It seems fairly full-featured, although a bit more work would be needed to get it up to par with Telnet-client MUD server codebases. It would still make a great start for someone wanting to do that kind of a project.
3/4/17: RockMUD development is going strong with two contributors! Also, it appears the engine is complete and it offers a demo game here that looks absolutely amazing! If you want a node-based, web socket, browser-based MUD engine, this is your engine right here.

*Dakara: Dakara is a Spanish-language 2D real-time HTML5 MMORPG playable here. The title link here is for the server, and its client code is in a separate repo here. This game kind of reminds me of Tibia if you remember that one. So definitely quite nice for an HTML5 MMORPG! New!

*PHP Strategy Game Engine: Don't know much about it. Again, not sure if it is still in development. (edit: While I was looking around and collecting games and engines for this list, I kept seeing this one over and over. It must be quite a popular engine!)
8/10/14: The SourceForce is still there, and shows recent updates! In fact, the project has been overhauled, and is now called phpSGEX, as opposed to phpSGE.
3/4/17: The engine is still available and is seeing quite common updates. It is now focused on being an engine that can create a game like OGame or Travian in a "code-free" style.

*Raining Chain: A very interesting addition brought to my attention by Miriodan. This is an animated, real-time MMORPG written in JS with Node.js and HTML5. It may be partially inspired by Realm of the Mad God, in that has a definite "Bullet Hell Shooter" feel to it from the videos I have seen. The game demo appears to be down for now, or at least I am unable to register a new account. Of interesting note, the main developer has released a video asking for other devs and designers (and really anyone else interested) to join the team and help develop it, so it could be a good opportunity for anyone wanting to join a team and gain experience working on a full-fledged HTML5 MMORPG. Definitely one to watch!
2/21/17: This project has really come along well. If you go to the main game's website you will see they are updating it almost weekly. However the codebase has been mostly static for quite a while now which makes me think that the engine itself is largely complete and the game's updates have been content updates (and content is not stored on Github). If you are interested in a Realm of the Mad God style game, this appears to be a complete and proven engine to work with.

*Tabany: Tabany is another real-time, 2D, browser-based MMORPG in development. It has a demo here that would not come up for me. Without being able to see the demo it is hard to get a feel for what kind of game/engine it is, but from the Github page it almost sounds like it is some kind of competitive social game. The game is semi-persistent in that the world resets every 7 days to put everyone back on equal ground. It also states that the world is fairly dynamic. New!

*Ancient Beast: This is a graphical 2D strategy game. The game is up and running here. The gameplay seems based around creating an army of monsters and beasts and then having them fight in team-based, strategic arena matches. If you are interested in creating a strategic game such as this, then Ancient Beast would likely make a good starting point. New!

*Medusa: What appears to be a pretty decent start to a PBBG engine that looks to be planned as a platform to allow others to create games on a website called For now that site is pretty much just a logo while I assume they work on the technology behind it. But this is definitely one to watch! New!

*OpenDominion: OpenDominion is an open source PBBG strategy game engine that was modeled after the now-defunct game "Dominion". It is built using the PHP framework Laravel and uses other modern tools, such as Composer and npm and has build tools, unit tests, code coverage detection, etc. If you are looking for a PHP-based strategy game, this is one to keep an eye on. It is reported as being in beta right now with notices that not all features are implemented but it does look like a lot of work has been done on it. They also have a fairly active Discord channel. New!

*Kesstryl's Dragon Knight Redux: Dragon Knight is a classic in the PBBG community, being one of the first browser-based RPGs. However, the code had not aged well and most reported it couldn't even run on a PHP5 server. Our own member, Kesstryl, has forked the original source code and made it compatible with PHP5, added support for mysqli and plugged some other security holes. It could definitely be a fun codebase to check out and if you have fond memories of this game from years ago, this would most likely be the best quality version to run today. New!

*ASCII RPG: This is, surprise surprise, an ASCII MMORPG. And unlike Dwarf Fortress, it actually draws things such as trees and other objects on the screen with ASCII characters. The running game can be found here. On the plus side, art asset creation will basically cost nothing and require very little artistic skill. New!

*Legends Rising: Legends Rising is an open source text-based PBBG. You can see a barebones demo of the engine here. What is interesting is that this engine's presentation appears to be using fairly modern web design principles. It seems to be responsive, uses Google-style hamburger menus and overall has a very "material design" style about it. Of course, for a PBBG this is gives it kind of an odd look that doesn't really fit a game but it should be easy to modify to achieve the look you want. In fact it may be better than having a fully designed game since you first have to rip out the existing design to use your own. It is also hard to tell a lot from the demo because many of the actions are simply placeholders. New!

*Tap Tap Adventure: Tap Tap Adventure is essentially a continuation of Mozilla's BrowserQuest. I am not sure if the author of TTA was actually involved in creating BrowserQuest but the Readme on the Github account seems to sound like they were. On the downside, the demo site is down. But considering that development is still ongoing and the codebase was just updated yesterday hopefully we will see the demo site brought back up soon. New!

*Supernova: This is yet another of the popular OGame clones. That means it is a space-based trading and space combat strategy game. The game is up and running (in Russian) here. If you want to check it out you should be able to figure out what you need to do to at least see the game, or using Chrome's translator you may even be able to play. New!

*Chivalry Engine: This is an in-development PBBG engine. You can find its homepage here. I don't know a lot about it but the creator, Master General, is currently putting out new releases on a nearly weekly basis. The engine is also aiming to be mobile-first using Bootstrap which could make this a great start for users who are wanting to create a PBBG with a heavy mobile strategy, such as releasing a link to the mobile web site through the app stores. New!

*Brawl: This one is interesting. It is an HTML MMO-beat 'em up! It uses Phaser and node.js. I am definitely wanting to download this and check it out. Until then I can't speak much about its quality or really anything else as there is no demo game up and running that I can find but there is a lot of work done here. And if you are wanting to make an MMO-beat 'em up, your options for available codebases is likely quite limited. New!

*Legend of the Green Dragon: Daenerys: I think almost everyone who has spent any time with PBBGs has at least heard the name "Legend of the Green Dragon". The original LotGD was actually a port of an old BBS game, "Legend of the Red Dragon" which had become unplayable and essentially deprecated with the creation of the Web. LotGD also become well-known for being an extremely outdated piece of code that could not run on any version of PHP since PHP 4. I believe that Halls and several other members have tried to get it running and have essentially thrown in the towel. This repo is actually a recreation by a group of developers who grew impatient with attempts by the original developers to update LotGD and instead decided to start from the ground-up using PHP 7 and modern technologies and techniques which is probably music to the ears of any devs who want to run LotGD but have no interest in porting an ancient codebase. New!

*Age of Darkness: This is a 2D, isometric, real-time HTML5 MMORPG. It is heavily inspired by the game Dark Ages. What is interesting is the server is written in Go. So even beyond it being a real-time 2D engine, it deserves being on the list purely for being the only Go server on here. New!

*Burning Garden: I'll be honest. I really don't know much of anything about Burning Garden. The demo site is basically nothing but a nicely animated "Coming Soon" sign. So why is it here? Well, to put it simply, Burning Garden is one of the biggest Javascript codebases I have ever seen in my life. It is about as big as the Github repo of Gecko, Firefox's entire layout engine. And it doesn't look like anything is waste. At least on a quick comb-through it looked quite well architected. It runs using virtual machines and has external tools to manage those virtual machines. So it just seems that all of this has to have been put together for some kind of grand purpose (we would hope). I am essentially adding it to the list so we can keep an eye on it. I am just about curious enough to sit through those 12-something setup steps that look fairly involved just to see what all this is for. If you are feeling brave or are just curious enough, check it out. Otherwise we will wait until the demo site is complete and see just what exactly Burning Garden is. New!

*Epoh: Epoh is kind of an odd cookie. It is a turn-based, multiplayer hex strategy game. It appears that you manage resources and set up your units on a circular hex field to do battle with other players. It has a demo game here. The server is in Node.js. New!

*FLaTWorld: This is a hex-based, turn-based strategy game. It is listed as being in alpha phase, but there is a lot of work here. Development was ongoing at least as recently as December so hopefully it is not abandoned. While a full demo of the game is not online, there is a demo of the map creator here.

*3Source: This is a pretty standard PBBG engine. The reason I am including it is because so many of the PBBG engines and codebases I am coming across are written like total garbage. The PHP and HTML is all mixed together and everything is structured through includes(). This creates highly unmaintainable codebases. 3Source was fairly refreshing in that it is written using Laravel, uses PHP7 and implements Docker images to quickly get the game setup and running, etc. Without trying it out myself, I would say that this has a good chance of being a solid go-to for modern PBBG development. New!

*Lampost MUD: This is a web-based MUD engine written in Python. It has some nice features, including an AngularJS-based game UI and game editor. An installation of the engine can be found here. Development appears to be slowing-down a bit but it appears that most of the critical features are there. New!

*ezRPG: ezRPG is a modular PBBG engine that is still under active development. It uses the Smarty template engine and is designed to provide the foundation for you to build out with its modular system. You can find the forums here.
8/10/14: Yet another project that has been inactive for over a year. The website is also down. The source is still available on Github.
3/4/17: The codebase has had some updates in the last year and the forum appears that it went down at one point but was brought back up. This is designed to be a flexible, generic PBBG base.

*uOnline: This is a full fantasy browser MMO written in CoffeeScript for Node.js. The only game online at the moment with it is in Russian, but I played it with a bit (a lot) of help from Google Translator. It is quite nice although completely barren of graphics. It feels almost like a turn-based MUD. It is in heavy development, and uses a lot of good coding practices, such as having a full suite of unit tests and code climate testing, both of which are rare in PBBG engines. Definitely could be one to watch!
3/4/17: The codebase is still there with some activity on it in the last year, so updates seem sporadic but are still occurring.

*Zombies: A zombie-based PBBG! I don't know a lot about this one but there is a lot there. Could definitely be worth checking out. New!

*Qingu Sci-Fi Engine: Not much on the website. I downloaded it, and while I have not loaded it up yet, there is a heck of a lot of code in it, so it could be a good headstart for a new game, if nothing else!
8/10/14: Nothing has changed. No updates.
3/4/17: It was updated as recently as a year ago. But as usual with these SourceForge codebases, it is difficult to see where the project is. But I am hopeful due to the semi-recent updates.

*XnovaOne: A space RTS game. The website and demo appear to be unreachable, but it comes with quite professional graphics out-of-the-box. Last updated Jan 2014.
3/4/17: The engine was last updated a few months ago, but unfortunately being on SourceForge, it is difficult to tell what has changed without downloading it and going through the entire codebase.

*Paranerd MMORPG: Found this one when digging for "MMORPGs" on Github. I don't know a lot about it but it appears to be a pretty standard PBBG set in a maze. New!

*2Moons: A space PBBG, made with PHP and jQuery. It is said to be largely inspired by OGame, a popular space PBBG, as a reaction to players not wanting real-money purchases. It was listed as in beta back in 2010, with an unknown current status. Update: 2Moons engine has had a Gold release now and is being actively updated. Updated to the engine's official site.
8/10/14 On April 5th of this year, 2Moon's staff officially ended support and development of the engine. It is considered complete as is and is available for download, so I am leaving it here but do not expect any more updates from the official team.
3/4/17: So even though development has ended, the forum is still very active with many people using the engine and asking and answering questions. This could still be a good engine to check out. The source code is a bit messy and difficult to navigate but it is workable.

*Ironbane: Another Node.js MMORPG engine with a full server and Three.js 3D real-time client. There is one caveat: The only version of Ironbane that I was able to find available and in a runnable state is now called "Legacy". The authors cite several issues on Ironbane's home site, such as memory leaks that caused them to scrap it and start over. However, a ton of work has been done on it, and it seems to me that someone could surely pick up the torch and run with the legacy version and keep developing it further. It is quite impressive! Also keep an eye on the for-now-empty Server and Client projects on GitHub where the new and improved version will be built.
2/21/17: Sadly, Ironbane has been closed by its creator. The source still exists on Github, but development has stopped and a note on the project's website state that they don't have time to continue work on it. I am leaving it on the list because there is quite a good head-start if someone else decided they wanted to take up the project and continue development. The authors had a great plan by using a voxel-based world similar to Minecraft and flat, pixel-art characters because this plays well to WebGL's strengths and is probably the best way forward for a 3D MMORPG in the browser using current plugin-free, WebGL technology.

*BeastMUD: An interesting addition to the list. This is actually a MUD engine, but it is written in ASP.NET using C# and leverages SignalR for web socket communication. It is the only PBBG-related engine I have found so far using .NET. It appears no new updates have been made in over a year, but the status is listed as functional. So if it is the type of game you are interested in making, there is an absolute ton of work done here and it would be a huge leg-up.
3/4/17: Little to no updates on this one. However, I am going to leave it here because it has a ton of unique components to it that many could find useful for their own codebases. I may remove it with no updates on the next round of updates.

*PHudBase: This is actually something a few people have expressed interest in around here: a websocket-based PHP Mud engine! It looks quite interesting! Here is the link to the codebase, which takes a minute to find on the site. UPDATE: I am sorry, the website has been updated, and it now clearly states that this is not a mud server, but rather, it is a mud client. Still pretty cool, but unlikely what a lot of people are looking for here.
8/10/14: My, how things have changed. PHudBase has been changed to be a MUD server rather than just a client. The original PHudBase, the client, has been broken off into its own project called PHudBase-WebMUD. This looks very interesting, and definitely worth a look for any PHP devs interested in MUD development.
2/23/17: The project appears to have ground to a halt. The website only links to the Google Code project. But as many of you know, Google Code has been deprecated and no longer allows code submissions and instead adds a button to allow users to easily port the code to Github. Well, about a dozen people have ported PHudBase to Github, but it doesn't appear that anyone has done anything with it. It hasn't seen any maintenance in over 2 years on any fork and the demo server appears down for good. There may be some good stuff here, still, but it appears you will be on your own.

*Bengine: This is a pretty impressive looking PBBG-RTS engine. It is also interesting in that it combines both PHP and Java for real-time features. There is also a German-language site for the engine here.
3/4/17: It has been almost 2 years since the last update to Bengine. I am keeping this here for now because it is impressive as-is.

*Zandagort: A very nice looking space-based PBBG engine. Although its last update on SF was in January of this year, it is listed as complete and ready for deployment.
3/4/17: No updates since 2014. The game does appear complete and workable as-is, so I will leave it here for now.

*Blacknova Traders: I believe this may be similar to Merchant Empires, but not sure.
8/10/14: No updates in almost two years. The project is likely no longer in development, but the source is still available from the link.
3/4/17: A note left on the website of the engine states that the author is suffering ill health and has closed the game and stopped all development. I am leaving it here for now but will likely remove it next update if there is still no activity.

*MK3: Basically nothing is known about this project since there is next to nothing in the file on Github. However, it does appear that a lot has gone into it. It is written in PHP using the MVC pattern. It could be interesting to check out for the intrepid.
3/4/17: No updates in years. I am leaving it here for now due to all of the work and the generally nice MVC architecting to it but will likely remove it next time.

*Mysidia Adoptables: A Pokemon-like engine with pet adoption, raising, leveling, breeding, etc., private messages, extensive admin tools, GUI API with Smarty integration and a large, active community.
8/10/14: This engine now has a new website and a very active forum. Appears to still be heavily supported.
8/12/14: Unfortunately, things are not likely as good as they originally appeared. There is a nice review of the this engine here that details some of the basics, such as input filtering and validation, are not present. SQL injection is also a concern. There are many features and people using it, but a pragmatic programmer would need to fill in the security gaps or you would have problems. However, there is a development team working on it and they are attempting to correct issues being brought up by the community, but the codebase is huge, so it could take time. Probably best to not write this one off just yet.
3/4/17: No updates in years. I am not sure if the last update in 2013 (dubbed a "Security update") took the points in the above mentioned VPL post to heart and fixed them since they were right around the same time. I will leave this here for now since it is still a popular engine in the adoptable game industry.

*RpgJS: Development also appears to have slowed on this project. However, it is a Node.js MMORPG framework, which could likely interest some folks here. While there is basically nothing in the way of documentation, there is a separate project here which acts as an example for RpgJS!
3/4/17: RPGJS seems to have stopped all development. And based on the code, it appears that the engine is incomplete which is a total shame. I am leaving it here for now but to even pick up and use the engine today it would likely need a lot of work.

*Dragon Knight: An open source (basically) fantasy RPG engine. I couldn't get registered to play the demo game, which is kind of a bad sign, but there could be something to it for the intrepid who want to dig in to it.
8/10/14: No updates. Still just an old-as-Christmas codebase floating around in the ether.
3/4/17: Of course there were no updates. This thing is still running on PHP 4, which means it would likely take a monumental effort to port it to modern PHP servers. I will likely remove it next update.

*Kitto: Kitto is a virtual pet game framework. It has been in development for several years and has a lot of work done on it. And beyond that, it is surprisingly one of the few engines here that has a homepage and documentation pages. It looks like a good choice if you wanted to make a virtual pet game!
8/12/14: It was brought to my attention by that Kitto's code may be quite out-of-date. The website does list it as being started in 2007, which would put it back a ways in PHP. You would likely have to expect some updating to get this one ready for production today.
3/4/17: Unfortunately Kitto has not had any updates in years. It would probably be woe-fully out of date on a modern PHP 7 server and would likely not run. I will leave it on here until the next update because it is one of the few virtual pet/adoptables game engines on this list.

*Merchant Empires: A pretty compelling sci-fi PBBG. I believe Halls has worked with this one, if I remember right.
8/10/14: No updates in over a year. The project is likely no longer in development, but the source is still available from the link.
3/4/17: Still no updates. There is a massive amount of work and code in this project, however it is the old style of PHP where all of the HTML and PHP are mixed into PHP files. That means that making changes would be difficult.

*Shadow Rising: Another Sourceforge PBBG. Don't know much about it.
8/10/14: No updates in over a year. The project is likely no longer in development, but the source is still available from the link.
3/4/17: Just another engine floating around with no updates. Will likely remove it next update.

*TravianZ: A project that is based on the hugely popular PBBG strategy game, Travian. We get a lot of people asking about how to start making games like Travian, so this could be a good starting point for those users. Thanks again to Padda for finding it.
8/10/14: Last updated in April of this year.
3/4/17: Unfortunately the last update was the last update for the whole engine. I will leave it here for now but will likely remove it next update.

*GamersFusion: A PHP PBBG engine that has served as the base for several of the mods on this list. Based on ExoFusion.
8/10/14: Yet another project that has been inactive for over a year. The website is also down. Not looking good.
3/4/17: No changes. I am keeping it here now because it is a generic base to several of the codebases on this list.

*Naxasius: A CakePHP-based PBBG engine. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating battles in the engine. Unfortunately, the main site for the engine is gone. However, the Github shows quite a bit of updating as recently as 5 months ago. It could still be worth a look, particularly if you are familiar with CakePHP.
3/4/17: The main site for the engine is back up but the forum appears to be broken. I will likely remove it next update it.

*Song of Blood: This is a very interesting entry. This is a web-based MMORPG, but the server is made in Java. It was made for the Liberated Pixel Cup contest. Unfortunately there is no demo game up for it, but the dev released a script to help set up the server locally. This could perhaps be a great download and tinkering project for some of our members that I know are learning Java.
8/10/14: No changes since it was added. It appears the entire development took place for the contest mentioned here, and then no further support was intended.
3/4/17: Again no updates and I don't think there ever will be more. I am leaving it here for now since it is one of the only Java engines. I may remove it next update.


*Dot World Maker: Dot World Maker is a commercial browser-based MMORPG engine by our very own member a_bertrand! Similar to NWE and NEaB below, there is a free license and commercial licenses. It is a real-time, cloud-based 2D MMORPG engine. All editors and admin panels are available through the browser. And upon starting your new game project, you begin with a playable game world than you can then modify to mold into your own vision.
10/24/2017: There is now an open source version of DWM! Check it out in the Open Source section above!

*New Worlds Engine: A deep commercial text-based MMO engine that has a completely modular design. Many modules exist for many different kinds of functionality, and devs can even sell modules they make. There is a free version available to try the engine out. The creator of the engine, a_bertrand, is a regular of these forums.
8/10/14: Still current, with many modules being developed and already available.
3/4/17: The engine is now under new management, but it is still available and supported. The website changes and so I have updated the link.

*Nowhere Engine: A 2D Javascript-based engine. It also has a free version to try out, as well as a demo game to see what can be done with the engine. It has several optional modules that can be purchased, including AJAX chat, pets, etc. Made by the same creator of New World Engine, a_bertrand.
8/10/14: Still available and supported.
3/4/17: This engine also changed ownership to Kal on these forums. Here is a post with more information.

*oRPG Creator: This is a unique entry, since it is actually a web-based engine with editors rather than a downloadable codebase. This could be a great option for those starting out with PBBG development or experienced devs who want to get right to their game's design instead of dealing with low-level details. Created by Sim.
02/21/17: Still going well! oRPG has changed to a commercial engine, so I moved it to the commercial section.

*vPet Engine 3.0: This is a virtual pet game engine. It appears the main website for it is gone, but it can still be purchased from the link given. Even though there does seem to be some people using it, I would not expect any support for it.
3/4/17: vPet has not been updated in years. It would be extremely out-of-date for current PHP and it is likely designed for PHP4. I am leaving it here now for historical reasons.

Removed as of 3/4/2017:

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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby OldRod » Mon May 21, 2012 4:45 am

Nice list!

As much as I have looked over the years, I've only heard of about half of those :)
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby hallsofvallhalla » Mon May 21, 2012 9:24 am

Sweet! thanks for this.
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Mon May 21, 2012 8:47 pm

Thanks! It took some real digging hehe :)
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Torax » Tue May 29, 2012 5:34 am

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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Tue May 29, 2012 3:22 pm

If you have made any changes to any of these and released anything as open source, feel free to post links :) Several of these are medium-to-heavy mods of others in the list! Of course if they were just for personal use, we can of course understand that 8-)
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:08 pm

Added Vitinho444's "OldTimes Engine" to the list. That should have probably been the first one I added :roll:
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Zak Zillion » Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:57 pm

I thought I'd add that the
*Untitled Real-Time Engine: An engine that I could only find a YouTube video of lol. It appears to be a real-time 2d MMO engine, and looks like the server is in Node.js. There is a download link in the video description that is housed on an otherwise empty website.
Is all in french.
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:49 pm

Updated it! Thanks! :)

However, code is code, and while it may be a bit tougher to get the gist of it, it could still be workable 8-)
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Re: Listing of browser-based MMO engines

Postby Jackolantern » Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:15 pm

I figured it was worth making a new note for this one. It is called "Gamerbreed", and it is an editor for the creation of PBBGs. This engine actually does seem like more than an engine, and really approaches puts some points into the "editor" category, as the video on the website shows off some quite impressive editors for maps and more. It is considered to be in pre-alpha right now, but it is open source (at least for the time-being; the website does look quite commercial) so if you are wanting to make a PBBG, it may be worth checking out!

GamerBreed Browser MMORPG Engine
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